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the many applications of airplasma® technology


airplasma®, thanks to its efficacy and precision of action, extreme modulability, low operating temperature and absence of undesirable effects, can be applied to all types of human and animal tissue, both internal and external, in complete safety and reliability.

Its flexibility of action and possibility of modulation will progressively extend the areas of intervention.

It is already unrivalled in Aesthetic, Dermatological and Plastic Surgery treatments.

Its next applications will be in the field of precision surgery, where the incredible accuracy of intervention of airplasma® with minimum tissue necrotisation along the cut and its extreme modulability will prove crucial.


airplasma®. The certainty of the outcome.



Medical devices with airplasma® technology for humans

airplasma® enables a wide range of applications due to its unique features. The possibility to modulate its action, combined with its accuracy, gentleness and the possibility to operate on different tissues allows devices with airplasma® technology to be versatile and effective.

At Otech Industry, our R&D department is already planning the next applications of airplasma®. We are already working on new devices designed for precision surgery where microscopic respect for tissue is vital.



Devices for veterinary surgery with airplasma® technology

Discover the devices for Plasma surgery entirely conceived, designed and built for veterinary surgery.
The multiple benefits of airplasma® technology incorporated into devices that can satisfy even the most demanding veterinarian.
airplasma® technology, the benefits of a unique kind of system. 


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