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at Otech Industry we develop and manufacture electromedical devices using our patented airplasma® technology

 airplasma® is the result of the most rigorous scientific research and the highest technology to provide the physician with the best medical devices for the care of our skin and tissue.




"It is not only necessary to improve what already exists,

but also to create something superior"


Knowing how to imagine the future and make it available in the present is the added value of Otech Industry, an incubator for high-tech ideas and products.



We at Otech Industry research and design Medical Devices that enable the Physician to intervene to take care of our skin and tissues. Patients' well-being is the focus of Otech Industry, from research and development to the manufacture and distribution of its devices.



Our journey began years ago with the conception of airplasma® and the development of a highly innovative system based on this new technology, designed for Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.

Skin is our dress. Tissues are our envelope. We want to provide doctors, regardless of their function, with the best tools to take care of our skin.

With the same passion and dedication, we are already studying and designing new airplasma® devices for more efficient and less invasive surgery.

From the fields of Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery we intend to push our research towards the next innovative surgical applications: we want to achieve results unthinkable with traditional technologies. We want to provide the surgeon with powerful, precise and accurate instruments that are extraordinarily effective yet minimally invasive in preserving our tissues.

And because we also care about the skin of our animal friends, we also design devices with airplasma® technology for specific applications on animal tissue.



At Otech Industry we search for innovative solutions and approaches to create Medical Devices with high technological content, which stand out for their versatility, effectiveness and ease of use, and which combine maximum accuracy of action on target tissues and maximum respect for surrounding tissues. Our devices, for each sector, are designed in such a way as to offer the Physician the instrument most suited to his needs and to Patient Care and Well-being.


Otech Industry, innovation at 360 degrees.



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