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the technology that really changes the way we operate on our tissues


At Otech Industry we have designed and patented airplasma®, an innovative technology capable of revolutionizing the field of Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and High Surgery.

airplasma® technology is based on the principle of transforming air into plasma and thus into an almost ideal carrier of energy. This process makes it possible to operate at an average temperature within 50°C. By modulating the flow of airplasma® and thus its action on the tissues, one progressively moves from regenerative to ablative actions up to resection and cutting actions with extraordinary accuracy and precision up to haemostasis of small capillary vessels.

In physics, plasma is defined as an ionised gas, formed by a globally neutral cloud of electrons and ions, i.e.with a total electric charge of zero. The term 'ionized' indicates that a significant percentage of electrons has been removed from the respective atoms. This is the condition that makes plasma an optimal carrier of energy.

As such, plasma is regarded as the fourth state of matter, after liquid, solid and gaseous. Plasma is also present in nature: lightning, northern lights and solar radiation are examples.

airplasma®: the technology of the future


airplasma® opens up new frontiers in the field of medical devices. What makes it unique is in particular the possibility of modulating the flow of energy carried by airplasma® with accuracy and continuity: the result is the possibility of obtaining different actions depending on the flow of energy transferred. This combined with the lightness of the handpieces and the wide availability of application terminals (electrodes) gives the physician total control.

airplasma® is based on the elimination of the insulating power of air, i.e.the breaking of dielectric bonds, by means of a strong oscillating electromagnetic field at high voltage. Air is thus transformed into an ideal conductor. The energy transferred in the form of plasma is visible in the form of a glow.

The transfer of energy to tissue with airplasma® takes place using air and without dangerous temperature peaks.

If the maximum performance of airplasma® is utilized, absolute precision, atraumatic, gentle coagulation by protein denaturation of the capillary vessels is achieved. Tissue cutting, without pressure or cell crushing, always takes place at an average dissipation temperature of 50°C: the result is a clean, cold, easy-to-heal cut that does not produce keloid formation.

By operating at a low temperature, airplasma® denatures the cells, stimulating them to produce collagen and elastin, resulting in faster healing than the usual treatment methods used in Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology or Plastic Surgery. In addition, the ionisation process creates natural asepsis conditions in the treatment area.

airplasma® makes it possible to treat both poorly conducting tissues and moist as well as vascularised tissues.

There is no risk for electrothermal injury for the patient due to the absence of direct electrical connections between an airplasma® device and the patient's body.



airplasma®. The versatile technology


airplasma® enables a wide range of applications due to its unique features. The possibility to modulate its action, combined with its accuracy, gentleness and the possibility to operate on different tissues allows devices with airplasma® technology to be versatile and effective.

At Otech Industry, our R&D department is already planning the next applications of airplasma®. We are already working on new devices designed for areas of surgery where precision of intervention and respect for tissue are vital.

And we don't want to stop.



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