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airplasma®, the technology of the future

Our airplasma® technology is a true revolution in the medical field.

Maximum operating temperature 50°C, thermal damage reduced to a minimum, no meaningful lesions, tissue preservation, improved healing, high precision.

From Aesthetic, Dermatological and Plastic Surgery treatments to the next applications in the field of precision surgery.

airplasma®, at the service of surgery and medicine.


Oneyonis AM100

oneyonis® A1000 with airplasma® technology

oneyonis® is the all in one workstation based on the innovative airplasma® technology that enables a wide range of Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery procedures that can only be performed with the same performance by combining several different devices and technologies. With oneyonis® it is possible to perform all treatment techniques (even alternating them during the same procedure):

  • superficial or deep ablative techniques
  • tissue regeneration and stimulation techniques
  • cutting techniques

All this in a convenient, lightweight and portable device. When you need it, where you need it

oneyonis® allows the physician to control and adjust the flow and thus the action of airplasma® at will and continuously: from a soft and gentle action on the tissue to progressively stronger ablative or resection/cutting performance by exploiting the extraordinary power reserve of oneyonis®.

The physician can further enhance his manual dexterity by using a light and extremely tactile handpiece and choosing from a wide range of electrodes for every need or application.

The low running costs of oneyonis® and the effectiveness of airplasma® technology make this all in one workstation the ideal platform for working in Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. Lightweight and portable for use anywhere.

oneyonis® requires no personal protective equipment.



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